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The Why Determines the How

March 2, 2018

In my first post on how to get started with homeschooling I gave you three steps to start you on your way.  I know you're probably chomping at the bit to get into the how-to of homeschooling, but just breathe.  If you don't get this first bit right, your homeschooling could be a disaster. 


Before committing to any DE school or any program, there are two very important things to take into consideration.  It's like organising a party.  You wouldn't buy the decorations or the cake without first knowing why you're throwing a party and who you're throwing it for.  Why buy Happy 21st banners when it's a party for you? (and you're sadly a lot older than that)


So, think of homeschooling as a party.  Why are you throwing this party or, more specifically, why are you homeschooling?  If you're homeschooling because you want more of a child-led approach then you probably won't be wanting to do a program like ACE.  But, if you're homeschooling because you want your children to get a very christian education, then ACE might the one.  


Our why should help to determine our how  


STEP ONE:  Right down your reasons for homeschooling.  We chose to homeschool because, as christians, we felt it was the best way to disciple our children.  Recently, many parents are homeschooling because their child was bullied at school.  Whatever your reason is, write it down.


STEP TWO:  Your reason may have a goal associated with it.  What's your goal?  Our long term goal was to have children who would one day choose to follow our faith.  Perhaps for parents of bullied children it is to have children who regain their self confidence. 


STEP THREE:  Think about what things are important for you to be able to strive toward that goal.   You could list some criteria that may help you.  A christian program could be the more specific type of goal.  Or, it may be that the actual program details aren't that important to you, rather the lifestyle and social opportunities that are important.  


STEP FOUR:  Find other mums who have similar reasons to you and they may be able to make some good recommendations. 


Remember, your reason for homeschooling is important and meaningful.


It has caused you take a leap into the unknown, and it will be the strong driving force behind what you are doing and the sacrifices you are making.  


Now, you are one step closer to start making decisions about the how-to.  BUT, I've saved the most important thing until last.  This is a must read for all families new to homeschooling.  Click here to see it.  




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