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Homeschool 4 Real was created in 2017 with the mission to equip, encourage, and empower families wherever they are in their homeschool journey.  It is the result of three friends who have shared their homeschooling years together and have become passionate advocates of parents educating their children at home.  
With over thirty years of homeschooling experience between them, they are all still in the thick of homeschooling, experiencing the joys and struggles day in and day out.  
  Want to know more about them?  Keep reading.....

Hi!  I'm Lyn, a bible believing christian, mum to eight children, and currently in my fourteenth year of homeschooling.  My two eldest children have graduated and I have two littlies keeping me on my toes while I continue to homeschool my other four children.    

My husband and I began our homeschooling journey believing that it was the best path for our children, but we weren't convinced at that point that it would work for us.  Now we cannot imagine educating our children any other way!


I love going to the beach and doing aerobics, don't mind a bit of a chat with good friends, and I also have an unexplainable urge to move to a farm.  In my life before children I had a few jobs - sales assistant, waitress, Officer of Cadets, bartender, aerobics instructor,  and school teacher.  I enjoyed those jobs, but by far my favourite job is that of being a homeschool mum.  

My husband, my family, home education and travel are my passions. Reading, laughing and chickens are my loves. Sunshine, gardening and the Great Outdoors are what I attempt to do if I have any spare time. Cooking I despise. Binge watching TV and chocolate are my sins (especially when done together).

So our homeschool journey began 12.5 years ago when I could not bear to send my baby into the big world at such a tender age – he still needed me! Lyn mentioned that Homeschool was an alternative and we have not looked back since. Being blessed with 3 beautiful, energetic, loud, boys my days are filled with frustration, noise and panic over how am I ever going to feed them enough!

I absolutely love the challenge of homeschooling and have never had a bad day.  I'm never stressed or feel like I need some time for myself.  My children are always perfect and my house is never messy.  Oh, sorry.  Just messing with you!  Homeschooling can be hard, stressful, and relentless, and yet I love it! 

I had never given much thought into knowing what homeschooling was about until the time came for my first child to go into  school.  After looking into it all and realising I could change my mind if it didn't work out, I decided to give it a go.  After all, "nothing ventured nothing gained", right?

I am now in my 8th year of homeschooling and feel very blessed to be raising two girls and two boys....actually three boys (the oldest one is my husband :-) In my spare time I love socialising,  whether its over coffee, shopping, walking or a playing a board game.